Return Policy

American Orders

BTS has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee for customers in the United States. Customers who purchase can return product within 60 days of order and get a full refund of the purchase price of the belt(s), less shipping and handling. The product must be returned in its entirety and in the same condition as when it arrived at the original destination. Customer is responsible for all costs related to returning the product. This guarantee applies to all regular site products only and does not apply to clearance items, custom made and special orders.

Product Damaged in Shipping

In the unlikely event that your product is damaged, e-mail at within 30 days of delivery to make a claim. If something is wrong with an order, we will take immediate steps to replace the product or refund your money.

Utilizing a damaged or defective product may void a warranty or damage claim. Damaged belts will void the 60-day money-back guarantee and cannot be returned. Belts will wear as a typical dip belt.

Our products are carefully packaged to avoid damage in shipping. Damage to products will virtually always be visible on the exterior of the shipment. If products are damaged inside of the packaging, please contact BTS immediately.

If products have been damaged in shipping or are missing, BTS will replace the products or refund the price of those products. The decision to replace or refund will be made in consultation with you, the customer, as to which solution is acceptable for both parties. If you have any questions regarding returns, claims, shipping, or products, please contact the Customer Service department by e-mail at

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