“ The Brute Belt is by far the best dip belt I've ever used. It's comfortable, looks awesome, and is made of high quality materials. I can't believe how durable it is - it holds up to my hardest workouts. ”

William Sanders - Champion Powerlifter

“ The Brute Belt has given me the ability to increase my functional strength which is a much needed asset during long grappling matches. Now that I've added it to my workout I will never go back to regular dip belts. ”

Stephen Franceschelli - North American Grappling Champion

“ The Brute Belt is without question the most comfortable dip/pull up belt I've ever used. It is well made and easy to use. I cannot recommend it high enough for people who use a dip belt. ”

Layne Norton - Physique Coach, Professional Powerlifter, IFPA & NGA Pro Bodybuilder

“ The Brute Belt is badass! Hands down the best dip/any exercise belt I've ever used. ”

Eric Helms - Pro Natural Bodybuilder, CSCS

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