Bad News & Good News

Bad News & Good News

March 01, 2018

Just a quick update here. First and foremost, our Brute Belt sales have been going great and we couldn't be more thrilled! We have been getting phenomenal reviews on Amazon (top rated dip belt with over 75 5-star reviews!!!) and have been receiving lots of fan mail. We really appreciate all of the support! With that said, here comes the bad news. We are currently sold out of medium sized belts. These belts fits waists between 33" - 38". If you have a waist that is 34" or less, you can fit into a small belt, and if your waist is 37" or larger, you can fit into a large belt. If your waist is in the range of 34" - 36", unfortunately you would need to wait until more medium belts come into stock. We are currently expecting to be back in stock and ready to ship by the last week in May.

Now for the good news. We reached out to our fans earlier this year to see what color Brute Belt they wanted to see next as we recognized that camouflage isn't for everyone. After lots of color testing and prototype samples, we are happy to announce that Black Brute Belts will be available for purchase in the last week of May as well. The new black belts look amazing! They are black-on-black nylon, with anodized black hardware, clips, and straps. The Brute Belt logo on the belt is a bright green color which is really sharp. We will be posting pictures of the new belt soon and will also be offering a Pre-Order Sale with a crazy discount within a few weeks!

Stay tuned and we appreciate all of your patience and support!

Strong Strong,

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